Wallpaper Collage and Abstract Art

Wallpaper Collage and Abstract Art

Wallpaper isn’t just for walls anymore. Article focuses on techniques and examples of collage and abstract art using wallpaper scraps and scrap booking embellishments.

Wallpaper. It’s not just for walls anymore! Wallpaper gives other options than using just plain flat scrapbook paper. As an avid scrap booker, I was getting discouraged at the availability of designs and textures, and I was getting even more discouraged at the prices! While visiting my local home d├ęcor store, I discovered a shopping cart full of discontinued wallpaper sample books. I purchased two of the books for just $1.00 a book. What I like about these books is that the paper is coordinated either by color or design, and that is helpful when I am trying to come up with a design that will coordinate in some way to other scraps.

I also have been buying “Brown Bag Books” at teacher supply stores. These are blank books that have a sturdy brown cover and blank white pages on the inside. With this I can use textured wallpaper to cover the outside and embellish with traditional scrap booking embellishments or more wallpaper scraps and cutouts. I mostly use double-stick tape because the pieces have adhesive on them already I wet the backs and apply them where needed. People like to feel the texture, and it does look like a high-end piece that would sell for more than I usually charge.

Below is the image of a journal that was made using a plain brown-bag book, wallpaper scraps, and scrap booking embellishments and a glitter pen. I entered this particular journal in a local silent auction, and it fetched $65.

(BELOW) This collage was created by using decoupage methods on a block of wood purchased at a local craft store. At home, I have it hanging on my wall. The scraps came from wallpaper and a Chinese menu, which I carefully cut and arranged to get this collage form. The corners read (clockwise from upper left) Harmony, Tranquility, Love, Wisdom.

(Below) This is a soft feminine touch to Asian Collage Art. This collage is made of wallpaper scraps and blended together using decoupage methods. The lettering to the upper left of the design is intended to be a blended effect. The design shows an Asian woman to the right with blends of florals and symbols. The overall effect gives a soft faded yet colorful glow.

(Below) This blue face was created using several coordinating scraps. The overall effect gives the illusion of a profile of a face, and at the same time the image appears to be an entire face. Separate pieces were cut out to form the eyebrows and mouth to achieve this effect. Two separate pieces were cut out to create the half (profile) face and then the right side to match. The face was placed on coordinating wallpaper. Notice on the right side of the collage there is an impression of sun’s rays.

(Below) Using the same design methods as the blue face, this pink version gives a lightened version of the design. Again this was created by using 1 section of wall border for the background, and the rest was created with scraps of coordinating wallpaper. Notice how the left-hand side of the image has the impression of a hand touching the face.

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